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What Do Ostriches Eat?

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Ostriches are large birds that live in Savanna of Africa. The ostrich is the largest bird in the world and they are not capable of flying because of the large body that they have. Even though that they can’t fly, their speed makes up for that. With their strong powerful legs, these birds are able to run anywhere between 40-50 miles an hour. Their legs are also excellent defense mechanisms. If they ever came in contact with a predator, then they will be able to kick them with their powerful legs and the predator most likely will cease from trying to attack them.

Ostrich eating grassOstrich eating grass. Photo by .

What Ostriches Eat?

These distinctive birds are able to consume sand, dirt, small rocks, and pebbles which assist them in grinding up the foods that they eat. Even though they eat these things, the majority of their nutrients come from the plants and animals that they consume. They have a tough 46 foot long intestine and tough gizzards that help them to process the hard items that they eat.

Wild Ostriches

Most wild ostriches consume things like insects. These insects can range from moths, crickets, grasshoppers, and worms. Other things that the ostrich eats are reptiles, rodents, frogs, locust, lizards and field mice. They also eat an assortment of vegetation such as grass.

Captive Ostriches

Ostrich eating leavesOstrich eating leaves. Photo by Nashville Zoo.

Many ostriches are breed and raised on farms. Even though you may not be able to provide them with the same things that they are accustomed to in the wild, you can still provide them with a healthy balanced diet. You can feed your ostriches plants and veggies like carrots and broccoli. You can also feed them lizards and field mice as well as crickets. There are also places where you can buy ostrich feed in major cities and also online. You can also find a pellet diet that contains oyster shells that are infused with nutrients and minerals to replace the sand, dirt, small rocks, and pebbles that they would normally eat. You can also find out where you can get commercial prepared grass, alfalfa pellets, and grit or sand. This will help the ostriches that you have maintain the healthy diet that they need to survive.

How about water?

Even though ostriches are flightless birds, they don’t require you to feed them water. They normally get all of the water that they need through the plants and vegetation that they consume. If you decide to give them water, they will still drink it.

Don’t forget the oyster shells

There are many huge ostriches that are being bred in a community or farm and that also live out in the wild. It is not difficult for an ostrich to get the nutrients that it needs with the pellets and ostrich feeds that are available out in the major pet stores. They will be able to consume the amount of food that is needed and not even require water. Just make sure that you feed them the oyster shells that are infused with nutrients and minerals.