What Do Toads Eat?

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Toads as a family have a diet that is easy to understand. They eat what most other amphibians eat. Some types of toads will eat a bit more than others, but common diet items are bugs, flies and slugs. Different species may have a bit of a different menu than a common toad will. A cane toad can eat beetles, frogs and bees for example, while others may eat spiders, centipedes and snails. A toad can eat whatever it can fit into its mouth. Some of these toads can reach a good size, like a small dog, and the feeding is the same for pet toads.

Cane toad (B. marinus) eating a mouse. © Glenn Hampson.

Cane toad diet

When it comes to this particular toad, it has a good menu list for food. Some items could surprise you, such as cat and dog food. Other surprises can include younger cane toads, small lizards, mice, birds, bees, beetles, bats and frogs. They will also prey on insects such as flies and bugs.

American toad eats its shedding skin. © Chewyismycopilot.

American toads

A toad of this type can have a menu that for them would be delicious, even if we’d turn our noses up. The food that would be to this toad’s taste would be small spiders, house flies, minnows, worms, pinkie mice or roly-poly bugs. This would be a gourmet meal for an American toad.

Cane toad eating a bat. © Yufani Olaya and PeruNature.

Small toads

These toads enjoy eating worms, bugs such as doodle bugs, earthworms, pinhead crickets, slugs and house flies. They eat quite a lot for an animal of such small size, and one of their favorite foods is indeed bloodworms, like most amphibians.

Pet toads

Toads that are kept as pets can eat all the foods listed above. They can also eat vegetables and fruit, and many love insects of all sorts. Their value as a method of pest control is well worth exploring, considering part of their diet is pesky insects, including flying insects such as flies and mosquitoes. They can be hungry animals and if one is kept as a pet, it should be fed at least three or four times a week, with a different amount of food each time.

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