Snake Food Chain

Category: Food Chain.

Snakes are carnivores and they eat other animals such as insects, amphibians (like frogs and toads), fish, mammals (rodents like rats, mice and squirrels) and birds (like chickens and pigeons). Snakes are preyed upon by other carnivores such as hedgehogs, mongoose, honey badgers, birds (like owls, hawks, falcons and eagles) and other snakes (like king cobras). Read in detail: what do snakes eat?

Image credit

  1. Snake by Matt Reinbold
  2. Cricket by Jesse Varner
  3. Frog by Dave Young
  4. Fish by Nikita
  5. Rat by Paul Hocksenar
  6. Chicken by Elias Gayles
  7. Hedgehog: Tomi Tapio K
  8. Mongoose: Leo Reynolds
  9. Honey badger by Arno M.
  10. Owl by Chris
  11. King cobra by Pandiyan V

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