What Do Robins Eat?

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Wintertime is certainly one of the harshest time of year for any bird – especially those that end up enduring the cold weather, the lack of food or the lack of proper nests. Both American (Turdus migratorius, a migratory species) and European robins (Erithacus rubecula) go through this problem in time – this means that their food habits are incredibly important. Now, we needn’t discuss the obvious point behind why a robin should eat in order to survive. This article, on the other hand will try to focus on all sorts of foods that a robin would eat in order to preserve its existence.

An American robin eating worms. © Brocken Inaglory.

They can go to great lengths to eat

First things first, however. Did you know that a robin would eat at some point almost anything in order to stay alive? Now, think about it for a little moment – they’re certainly some of the most flexible birds out there. During winter, they will eat off whatever that’s even remotely edible. The rest of the year, when you can find all sorts of foods out there, you’ll see robins focusing on berry bushes, trees and all sorts of other bushes. Basically, consider a variety of bittersweet foods – from vines to shrubs to berries and seeds, fruits and bushes (as previously mentioned).

When the weather turns cold

The fact that the robin population certainly decreases as the temperatures hit below zero is a different story. But either way, their digestive system and their general metabolism is built towards this purpose and that obviously leads to a different dietary system. For example, did you know that putting out a plate of berries and frozen fruits is something that a robin would consider a wonderful treat? Just try it and you’ll have a flock of robins making tons of noise at your window in no time at all.

When do robins eat worms?

An male American robin eating a worm. © Ryan Bushby.

In the summertime, there is plenty of food available for the robins to eat that they will first eat the berries and fruits that grow on bushes, shrubs, and trees. Robins like to eat worms, grasshoppers, beetle grubs, caterpillars and other small insects during the summer months and can be seen running across your lawn searching for this delicious treat. A robin that wants a worm during the winter months is out of luck unless a person goes to a pet store and purchases mealworms for the robins. Mealworms are the larvae of the plain black beetle which would be the robin’s favorite choice to eat.

Does a robin eat out of a bird feeder?

During the summer months, there is plenty of food around for the robin to consume and the robins have never had the experience of eating at a bird feeder. The robins would rather search for the insects and worms that they can find in the yard plus eating the berries and fruits that are on the shrub, bushes, and trees. The robins have never really been attracted to the bird feeder that human put out for the birds.

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