What Do Peacocks Eat?

Summary: They eat ants, berries, bread, cat food, centipedes, cheese, cooked rice, crickets, flower petals, fruits, grains, grass, grubs, insects, kitchen scraps, locust, millipedes, nuts, plants, reptiles, scorpions, scrambled eggs, seeds, small mammals, small snakes and termites.

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Peacocks are of the pheasant family and have an interesting diet. They are ground foragers but would also eat things such as snakes in the wild. Two of the most well known peacock species are the green peafowl and the Indian peafowl. The diets for tame peacocks are a bit different than their wild cousins. It can also differ by the region of the world that they live in. Take a look below for interesting information on peacock diets.

Indian peacock or blue peafowl. © Vidhya Narayanan.

Wild peacocks

Wild peacocks are omnivorous eating fruits, berries, grains, small mammals, reptiles, arthropods, amphibians, small snakes and insects like ants, millipedes, crickets, termites, centipedes, locust and scorpions. They will also eat flower petals, seeds, grass and plant parts as a part of their diet in the wild. Surprisingly enough, these birds will eat snakes, including poisonous snakes. They have actually been seen stalking and then eating these snakes.

Domestic peacocks

These peacocks have a bit of a different diet than their wild cousins. They can eat insects, plants, cheese, cooked rice, grubs, flowers and cat food. They will also graze on grass as well as seeds and bread. So their diet is a bit more varied than their wild cousins.

Albino peacock.© Darren St0ne.

Baby peacocks

Baby peacocks can be fed with small animals and insects when they are at least three days of age. They will eventually balance their diet with flowers and plants after a few weeks. They will forage for their diet just as the adults do.

Things not to feed peacocks

If you come across a wild or a domesticated peacock, be careful what you feed them. Paper, styrofoam and other things are not good for them. A rule of thumb here is that if it is not something that a pet would eat, or even a human for that matter, do not feed it to a peacock. This can help safeguard the health and digestive system of the peacock in question. Peacocks are lovely animals that eat many different things to keep themselves healthy.

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