What Do Octopuses Eat?

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The octopus is an aquatic animal that has multiple legs and it usually stays underwater. Unlike other sea creatures, an octopus has an awkward shape and physique because it has flexible arms and a big mouth at the center of its body. The octopus has no skeleton and its whole body is made up of tissues and flexible muscles that can change their shape and width while swimming and passing through narrow rocks and underwater hills. Knowing a bit about this aquatic animal, another major question about this animal is its eating habits and stuff octopuses eat. So, what does the octopus eat? This post will help you to understand some basic information about octopuses and stuff they eat. So, stick around and make yourself useful for others by sharing this information on octopus.

A veined octopus eating a crab. © Silke Baron.

About octopus

For those who are not sure, an octopus is actually a marine mollusk with 8 legs or tentacles and a large head in the middle of its weird body. They have two eyes like any other animals or fish and a beak like mouth at the middle of their arms. They are very good at hunting because of the fact that they have no bones in their bodies. This allows them to squeeze in or out from tight places and holes while moving or hunting. According to marine scientists, this aquatic animal is very intelligent and it has the ability to adapt environmental and climatic changes very quickly. There are almost 300 species of an octopus and they can easily be found in deep oceans and shallow rock seas and pools.

What do octopus eats?

A blue-ringed octopus eating a crab. © Saspotato.

As I have mentioned above, octopuses have the ability to alter their life style as the climate or environment changes. So, this aquatic being has the ability to acquire anything depending upon the waters it is staying in. Moreover, their big head and flexible arms help them to attack their enemies and prey precisely. Their flexible arms hold the prey and inject venom that paralyzes the body and its beak like mouth eats the prey. They prefer to eat all the aquatic beings but the most famous of all are crabs (eg. swimming crabs, gazami crabs, marbled crabs and brown crabs), whelks (eg. channeled whelks, common whelks, knobbed whelks and lightning whelks), reef fish (eg. angelfish, damselfish, parrotfish, rays and snappers), mollusks (eg. mussels, oysters and sea snails), clams (eg. Atlantic surf clams, hard clams, Manila clams and Atlantic jackknife clams) and lobsters (eg. American lobsters, reef lobsters, spiny lobsters and Cape lobsters). Big octopuses can sometimes go after sharks! These are some basic and important items that an octopus eats. Sea worms and shrimps are also liked by them when they are hungry.

Octopus kills a shark. © National Geographic (watch it on YouTube).

Two types of octopus

The types of octopus mentioned above usually reside in reefs and shallow seafloors but the second type is known as free walkers or free-swimming octopuses. They move from one sea to another and prefer to eat fish and shrimps of all sizes. Baby octopuses prefer to eat on their own and like small aquatic creatures and shrimps to eat.

Pet octopus

Furthermore, if you have an octopus in captivity, then make sure you are providing enough food that it can save itself from such issues. They prefer to eat what they are fond of, which is animals such as shrimps, crabs, fish, shelled cockles and crabs.

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