What Do Newts Eat?

Summary: Newts eat amphibian eggs, ants, aquatic insects, bees, beetles, black worms, bloodworms, brine shrimp, bugs, crane flies, earthworms, freshwater shrimps, guppies, insect larvae, insects, leeches, lesser water boatmen, mayfly nymphs, millipedes, mites, mollusks, mosquito larvae, mosquitoes, reptile pellets and sticks, sawflies, seed shrimps, shrimps, slugs, small crustaceans, small invertebrates, snails, spiders, springtails, tadpoles, wasps, water fleas and worms.

Category: Amphibians.

Newts are amphibians and they will eat different things depending on if they are in the wild or a pet, as well as if they are a water or a land dweller. Many newt species are on the endangered list, so having them as a pet would be discouraged. Water newts are the ones most commonly kept as a pet. So depending on what the newt in question is will define how they eat or what you feed them. If the animal is a land dweller then it will be pickier than a water dweller. Take a look at the differences in diet below.

Coastal range newt eating an earthworm. © Cindy.

Water dwelling newts

A water dweller will make a good pet and its diet can be varied. It can eat commercially prepared food such as black worms, blood worms, earthworms, reptile sticks, frozen brine shrimp and reptile pellets. They are the less picky of the two newt species. Adding live mosquito larvae, worms and bugs can help to keep this type of newt happy and healthy.

Land dwelling newts

Central newt eating eastern spade foot tadpole. © Natalie McNear.

Land dwellers are going to be the picky eaters of the two species. They require that their food is living and not dead. They will also supplement their diet with mosquito larvae, as well as ants, worms and insects. The digestive system of a land dwelling newt is activated by live prey.

Pet newts

Different ideas abound when it comes to the feeding of a pet newt. Its diet can consist of brine shrimp, thin slices of freshwater fish such as salmon or trout, floating fish, guppies, glass shrimp and blood worms. A Japanese fire bellied newt will eat guppies and do not have to be fed every single day. Each of the different species of newt can be fed every three days to keep them healthy. They often are a good pet for people, provided that you take care of them and feed them the proper food. Water newts are the ideal pet in this regard.

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