What Do Mexicans Eat?

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Mexican cuisine includes traditional Mexican food and Mexican junk food. Actually, the truth about the Mexican cuisine is that the traditional Mexican food has very little resemblance to the Mexican junk cuisine. Surprisingly, Mexican people eat fish, beef, seafood, chicken and different kinds of cheese. Mexicans also use as a wide range of fruits and vegetables in their diet plans.

Slow-cooker, Mexican pork taco. © Pillsbury (view recipe).

Mexican people love to add variety in their food

The famous Mexican food includes dishes like quesadillas, Mexican layered salads and empanadas, which are widely used by the Mexicans on the daily basis. However, Mexican foods like soups and seafood cuisine are very common and Mexicans would love to eat such kind of foods that are nutritious and really good for their health.

Traditional Mexican food

Breakfast burrito. Photo, recipe by Food Network (view the recipe).

If you talk about the traditional Mexican dishes, then, these dishes must include meat, fish, and vegetables such as avocados, tomatoes, onion, garlic and corn. The spices that are widely used in Mexican recipes are salt, black pepper, chili powder and cumin. Mexican use low fats in their daily diet. Most of the Mexican dishes are completed with tortillas, homemade salsa, Mexican cheese and sour cream servings. However, mostly Mexican people use low-fat cheese and cream so as to stay fit and healthy. If you are going to lose your weight, or you just want to eat a delicious and nutritious food, then the conventional Mexican dishes are best for you as these recipes are very diet-friendly and you can maintain your figure easily.

Chicken fajitas with homemade guacamole and salsa. Photo, recipe by Jamie Oliver (recipe).

Tacos and Burritos

Mexicans really love to eat a wide variety of enchiladas, tacos, burritos. Taco salad with salsa is very popular in the Mexico and these taco salads usually come in the large fried flour tortilla. Another most famous Mexican dish that Mexican love to eat is chicken fajitas. Mexican chicken fajitas have little fat in them, but if you talk about the taste, then it would be a good choice.

Mexican foods are popular

Mexican food is popular due to its vibrant taste and its colorful appearance. Mexican dishes vary from region to region. Most of the Mexicans eat spicy rice, beans, and tortillas along with beef, pork, and chicken. The Mexican dishes made of tortillas are actually more fatty and greasy. That’s why such food seems to be unhealthy, especially fried tortillas.

Popular dishes

Mexican dishes are widely liked in the United States, and if you have not tried the authentic Mexican dishes yet, then I think you haven’t tried anything.

Tacos al Pasteris the most popular dish of the Mexican cuisine. It is actually made of pork meat along with the traditional spices, and then it is roasted for some time. Tacos al Paster is mostly served with corn tortillas and pineapples.

Tacos Arabesis another famous Mexican dish that is somewhat similar to the Tacos al Paster, but it is slowly roasted along with the onions and herbs with a little addition of garlic, chili, and other traditional Mexican spices.

Moleis the term that is used in Mexican cuisine for the sauces. Actually, the sauces are made of different spices, chili peppers and the chocolate. Chocolate is the important ingredient used in the Mexican sauces. These sauces are served on meat dishes, especially with chicken.

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