What Do The Japanese Eat?

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The Japanese people love to eat Japanese food. Not only do you see Japanese products being sold around the world but also their cuisines as well. Japanese cuisine is now embraced all around the world and this is especially true for the seafood. Here are some of the famous Japanese dishes that are not only popular at home, but all over the globe.

Sashimi with soy sauce, sesame seeds, chives. Photo: ChowHound. Recipe: Chef Wayne Nish (view).

Sashimi and sushi

Most of us don’t realize that these two dishes are actually almost identical. Sashimi is the Japanese dish in which fish is sliced into thin pieces, and that is served with wasabi, a famous Japanese horseradish. Sushi is also thinly sliced raw fish, but the difference is that it is served with vinegared rice. Sashimi and sushi are famous in almost every part of the world and people love to eat them. Another popular Japanese dish is known as norimaki or sushi roll, in which the filling is rolled in with rice. This dish is also liked by the Japanese. In Japan, sushi is pre-packaged dishes and people go to sushi bars to eat out or for takeaways.

Traditional Japanese sushi with a salmon and avocado filling. Photo: Ben Dearnley. Recipe: Sarah Hobbs (view the recipe).


Domburimono is a renowned Japanese dish and is very popular among Japanese people. Domburimono is a dish in which rice is served with different types of toppings, such as rice with boiled beef, deep-fried shrimp, chicken, deep fried pork and eggs. These dishes are usually takeaway dishes, and Japanese people prefer to take Domburimono dishes to home and eat with their friends and families. Japanese people also order miso soup and pickle along with the Domburimono dish.

Japanese tempura batter. Photo: Koki Iino/MIXA. Recipe: Setsuko Yoshizuka (view the recipe).


Tempura is another famous dish in Japan. It is very simple dish but at the same time delicious and flavorful. Tempura is a light batter, into which various seafood and vegetables are dipped. Once coated in batter, the tidbits are deep fried. After that, a crispy and tasty food is prepared that is served with the dipping sauce. Japanese would love to eat tempura with a rice bowl serving or a soup. They may also like to have noodles, which are known as tempura udon or tempura soba. Soba noodles are made with wheat flour and varying amounts of buckwheat flour.

Sukiyaki. © JustOneCookBook. Recipe: Namiko Chen (view it).


Sukiyaki is another popular Japanese dish, and this is a combination of beef and vegetables. The vegetables that are used in this dish are usually shiitake mushrooms, green onions with gelatinous noodles and tofu. All these ingredients are collectively cooked together within the sauce which is made of sweet cooking sake, sugar and soy sauce.

Delicious Yakitori

Yakitori is the name which is used in Japan for broiled chicken, or you can also call it roasted chicken, which is cooked over a charcoal grill. The yakitori is used as an appetizer or a starter by the Japanese people. It’s more like snack food, and yakitori is actually served with the tangy sauce and its a very delicious dish and a firm favorite among the Japanese people.

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