What Do Indians Eat?

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India is a multicultural country catering for millions of people from different religions and customs. Under such conditions, one of the major questions that can be asked by any curious person and traveler is about the living style and eating habits of the different folk.

North Indian lunch menu: chapati, dal tadka, mutter paneer, aloo patta gobhi curry, jeera rice, curd, salad and pickle. © Sowmya V. (view the recipe).

Indian food

Unlike other Western countries, religion holds a great importance among Indians and they are pretty influenced by their religious customs and trends. Normally, when we talk about Indian food, the only thing that clicks our mind is curry because Indians adore curry a lot. The scenario is a bit different from this stereotype because Indians eat a lot of things such as: spicy food, vegetables, fish, chicken, beef and rice.

Indians favorite food

No wonder, Indians from Asia are very popular in Western and European countries. They are smart and intelligent but you can’t ignore the fact that they like their spicy food. If you haven’t tried Indian food, do try it, because you are missing a lot of delicious dishes. Below, some important dishes and daily intakes of Indian region are given:

  1. Chapati
  2. Dal
  3. Rice
  4. Curries
  5. Pickle
  6. Sweets
  7. Kebabs
  8. Idlis
  9. Dosas
  10. Sambar
  11. Naan
  12. Beef
  13. Lassi and Curd
  14. Parathas
  15. Fish
  16. Mutton Karahi
  17. Tandoori Chicken

There is a huge list of Indian food and daily intakes but above mentioned list is the most common and practiced on daily basis all over India.

Do Indians eat meat and beef?

Chicken biryani restaurant style. © VahChef (watch on YouTube).

There is a common stereotype that Indians more specifically Hindus don’t eat beef or any meat at all. This is true to an extent because meat is a vital food among Hindus and their daily intakes. Usually, Brahman Hindus avoid meat of all types but other Hindus consume it. The reason behind avoiding beef is the fact that they consider cow a holy animal and worship it.

Famous Indian foods

Some famous Indian foods that are also very popular in other countries are naan (a type of flat bread), biryani (spicy rice with meat or vegetables), pork vindaloo, jalebi (a type of sweet) and kheer a.k.a rice pudding.

Indian butter chicken. © Jenkoch (view the recipe).

Cuisines are different according to states

Apart from this, Indian food intakes changes as the region is, i.e. food dishes of Calcutta will be different from Tamil Nadu. Furthermore, people of Kerala, India have their own famous Indian food such as rasam, sambar, appam, and chicken curry. Usually, the most common and daily intakes of Indians are rice and wheat.

Short Indian food history

The early Indians usually known as Harappans preferred to eat rice, wheat, lentils and chickpeas. On certain occasions and events, those people also ate cows, goat and pigs. Going deeper, the trend of consuming rice and chicken was adapted from Thailand but lentils, goat and chickpeas were flourished from West Asia.

How Indian became vegetarians?

Around 300 BC, many Hindus felt that the sacrifice and consumption of animals such as cow, goat, sheep and pigs turned out to be bad omens. By following their rulers, the Mauryans, many Hindus left meat and became vegetarian but still many of them ate it on certain occasions. So, Indians do eat a lot of food items but consumption of vegetables is a bit high.

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