What Do Hawaiians Eat?

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Aloha! The big island beckons when the weather turns south for the winter. There is nothing better than getting into a festive mood and enjoying the feast of a traditional Hawaiian luau. The Luau is one of the widely celebrated events in Hawaii, an event that is enjoyed by the local population, Americans and tourists alike. What is it that makes the Hawaiian luau so memorable?

Hawaiian lomi lomi salmon. © Food Network (view the recipe).

Celebrate life!

For one, the Hawaiian luau is a celebration of life, a party on the beach to celebrate, well, to celebrate the party! The tradition of the Hawaiian luau has been around a long time. The name luau was first used in 1856 by a Hawaiian newspaper of the time, the Pacific Commercial Advertiser. Ever since then, the popularity of the event has risen to a point that nearly every major tourist offering features a Luau, a time for eating, drinking, dancing and having a good time.

A sumptuous feast!

A particularly sumptuous feast, the food offered at a traditional luau mimics the actual foods eaten by the locals, including plates of young taro tops baked in coconut milk. The delicious entrees hardly end there. When partaking of your first Hawaiian luau, there will be served a veritable smorgasbord of exotic foods including huli huli chicken, poi, kalua pig, lomi salmon and much more.

Hawaiian huli huli chicken. © Chew Out Loud (view the recipe).

Lots of fresh drinks

All of this fantastic food is served with a multitude of fresh drink offerings including mai tai, Mo’s power punch, luau punch and a scary, but charged drink called Hawaiian volcanic punch. These drinks of course should be taken only with a healthy dosage of ibuprofen safely tucked away for use the next morning.

Make your own luau

If you are not going to Hawaii anytime soon, you can still experience the authentic tastes of Hawaii, by preparing a little luau at home. It is easy to do, and the ingredients for your own luau can be found in your local grocery store. Lets look at some of the food items you should buy to make your next home party a Hawaiian luau party.

Pressure-cooked kalua pig. © Tasty Island (view the recipe).

You will need chicken, of course

First, a good Hawaiian luau should always have a healthy dose of chicken. Go to the market and purchase the best whole chicken breast you can find, a couple of red and green bell peppers and a bottle of sweet and sour barbecue sauce and some skewer sticks.

Preparing your chicken

When you get home from the store, preheat your oven to 325°F (160°C), cut the chicken breast breasts into cubes and put aside. Next slice up the bell peppers into evenly sized pieces, but not so large that each piece is larger than the chicken cubes. Using the skewer sticks, skewer the chicken and bell pepper pieces together, and using a brush, splash on plenty of sweet and sour barbecue sauce. Next, put the the skewers into an oven safe glass dish and stick everything in the preheated oven for about 30 minutes.

It is tasty!

If you have kids, you may have to cook this excellent Hawaiian dish in secret because once they smell the delicious aroma wafting from the kitchen, you might find yourself eating a ham sandwich since the Hawaiian chicken will disappear quickly.

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