What Do The Greeks Eat?

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It might surprise you that the Greek people use a sinful amount of olive oil in their dishes. You can also say that the Greek food is saturated with olive oil as Italian food is saturated with cheese. Despite the fact that the Greeks use a huge amount of olive oil in their dishes, Greek food is known to be one of the healthiest foods in the world. Mostly, Greek diets include cheese, especially goat cheese, spices such as oregano and garlic, pork and lots of fruits that keep them fit and healthy. Actually Greek people love to eat huge meals with friends and family.

Chicken souvlaki (skewers) with pita bread. Photo and recipe by MyGreekDish (view the recipe).

Greek people like to eat fresh hummus

Their Greek hummus dish is cooked in a very simple way. Greek cuisines are among the most flavorful and delicious dishes around the globe. Greeks mostly use certain ingredients as an important part of their native dishes such as olive oil, olives, cheese, rabbit, poultry, filo pastry, lamb, fish, and pork.

Greek salads

Greek people use traditional salads as appetizers and these salads are called the country or village salad. They feature a large amount of lettuce, huge pieces of tomatoes, fresh sliced cucumber, red onion, feta cheese served with the flavored kalamata olives. The most famous Greek dish in the world is Souvlaki. It is famous since it’s a very quickly prepared dish, consist of meat, especially huge pieces of rotisserie meat. Greeks mostly prefer to use the meat of pork, lamb, or beef, but if you talk about traditional dishes, mostly lamb is used. Greek souvlaki is served in a pita sandwich which is called gyro.

Grilled vegetables

Most of the Greek dishes contain grilled vegetable such as grilled onion, cucumber, tomatoes as well. There is a Greek sauce called tzatziki which is widely served with Greek food. It is made with a mixture of yogurt, onion, garlic, cucumber, salt, olive oil, and sometimes dill is used in its preparation.

A popular dish, the moussaka

Traditional Greek moussaka with Béchamel. Photo and recipe by MyGreekDish (view the recipe).

Greek cuisine is known to be one of the best cuisine along with the huge variety, flavors, and above all its highly nutritious. Another popular Greek dish is moussaka, which contains large pieces of stuffed eggplant, tomatoes and giouvarlakia or meatballs, and dolmades, which is stuffed cabbage leaves. Greek people love to add meat in their cuisines and they mostly eat grilled meat. Greek grilled meats include pork chops, or britzoles, skewer meat specialties such as souvlaki which is similar to meat kebabs, and veal or britzoles mosharises. Dishes made of Mediterranean fishes are widely popular among Greeks. Some of the commonly used fishes are tsipoura or sea bream, kolioi or mackerel and marida or maridaki, kalamaris or squid (calamari), htapodi or octopus, which is usually boiled or grilled with vinegar. Kakavia is a Greek fish soup that is widely liked by the Greek people. It contains fish and a mixture of vegetables like onions, carrots, potatoes, and olive oil.

How about desserts?

A popular Greek dessert is a mixture of Greek yogurt and honey, as well as the well-known baklava.

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