What Do Grasshoppers Eat?

Summary: Grasshoppers eat alfalfa, animal dung, bark, barley, cabbage, clover, corn leaves, cotton leaves, dead bugs, decomposing meat, flowers, fungi, grass, greens, injured or weakened insects or spiders, kale, leaves, lettuce, moss, oats, petals, rotting meat, rye, seeds, shrubbery, stems, vegetables, vines, weeds and wheat leaves.

Category: Insects.

Grasshoppers are creatures that belong to the same family that includes crickets and katydids, and the whole group has a unique and more complicated biology than most people realize. Grasshoppers are truly amazing creatures and when it comes to their diet, it can get somewhat complicated. If you want to know what grasshoppers eat, you should be prepared to read a very long answer. However, you will find a brief summary of some of the main foods that grasshoppers eat that may satisfy your curiosity.

A grasshopper feeding on a maize leaf. © Shree Krishna Dhital.

Usually never eat one’s own kind

Grasshoppers, unlike many other insects in the same family, generally do not eat other insects or other grasshoppers. You may be surprised to learn this, but grasshoppers actually are considered herbivores! You will hardly catch a grasshopper eating another insect or animal, but you will find a grasshopper eating plants.

Plant eaters

A grasshopper eating sunflower petal. © Dustytoes.

Now that we know that grasshoppers are herbivores, you may be interested to learn what types of plants grasshoppers like to eat. Grasshoppers will eat almost any kind of plant that they come across. They do become a bit pesky though because they will eat plants and flowers in any type of garden if they have to. If you ever drop a vegetable on the ground and a grasshopper comes across it, don’t doubt that the grasshopper will eat it. Grasshoppers also like to eat grass, so you may find some nibbling on your front lawn every now and then.


Grasshoppers are harmless for the most part, but there have been some cases of grasshopper destruction in the past. When a large group of grasshoppers come together, they can do a lot of damage to farmer’s plants and field. You may be familiar with the term plague of locusts, and believe it or not, the term refers to a group of grasshoppers that terrorize fields. Grasshoppers usually travel alone, but on the rare occasion that they come together in a large group, be aware of the swarm of munching grasshoppers!

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