What Do Germans Eat?

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Germany has been known for its foods for a long time. Germany takes pride in the warm wholesome foods that they prepare that are able to fill anyone’s belly up. A lot of Germany consists of deep forests and high mountains and even though that there is only 3% of farmland in Germany; they still manage to be able to produce very good meals by importing anything that they need to complete the meals that they prepare.

German beef rouladen. Photo by naples34102. Recipe by DebbyO (view the recipe).

Various parts of Germany

Just like Americans, the North, South, East, and West parts of Germany have different cooking styles. When the East and West portion of Germany parted, the West continued to take a traditional cooking stance whereas the East took a different style of cooking. The North and the South is even more similar to the United States.

The Northern and Southern part of Germany

German pot roast (sauerbraten). Photo by Todd Coleman. Recipe by SaveUr (view the recipe).

In the Northern part of Germany, eel soup, seafood stew, different soups of dried beans, and the most popular, white bean soup are meals that you might enjoy in this part of the country. The South of Germany may enjoy sausages, a dish made with potatoes, apples, onions, and bacon which is also known as Heaven on Earth. Pears, green beans, and bacon are also an ideal meal. Sourdough breads are more common than white bread in Germany.

A typical meal

Overall a typical meal in Germany will consist of bread, toast, rolls, marmalade, honey, eggs, cold meats such as ham salami and various cheeses. A nice hot cup of coffee or tea is also enjoyed around this time of the day. For more busy days, Germans like to take advantage of cereals.

Authentic German pretzels. Photo, recipe by chris210 (view the recipe).

Lunch in Germany

Germany’s lunch or mid-day meal is usually the heaviest meal of the day. This meal usually consists of meat. There is usually a vegetable served with this meal like a salad. Soups can also be served with this meal. In the summer, dessert is often served with this meal as well. Some of these desserts might consist of red fruit desserts, vanilla sauce, and ice cream.

Abendbrot in Germany

Truly German! Beer glazed brats and sauerkraut. Photo by lutzflcat. Recipe by JTk364 (view the recipe).

Dinner also known as Abendbrot which means the evening bread is usually a light meal that consists of a variety of meats and breads. Whole grain bread is the preferable bread that they eat at this time. Deli meats and sausages are also popular around this time. Germans love to eat an assortment of cheeses around this time and also enjoy a hot or cold drink. Poultry, pork, and beef dishes are most favorable main course dishes. If seafood is going to be a main course meal, it usually is herring, mackerel, salmon, sardines, trout, bream, or carp are popular seafood main dishes in Germany. Side dishes usually consists of potatoes, red cabbage which are delicious dishes to go along side of the main courses to give your mouth a wonderful experience.

There are a lot of foods that are popular in Germany

Germans love to eat good filling meals. There are many German recipes to choose from that will give you the wholesome filling experience that you desire.

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