Frog Food Chain

Category: Food Chain.

Frogs are carnivores and they eat insects (such as crickets, grasshoppers and dragonflies), worms and even mice (for bigger sized frogs). Frogs are preyed upon by other carnivores such as snakes, birds (such as herons and hawks), minks, raccoons and bigger frogs such as bullfrogs. Read in detail: what do frogs eat?

Image credit

  1. Frog by Brian Gratwicke
  2. Cricket by Ivan Walsh
  3. Grasshopper by Jannes Pockele
  4. Dragonfly by David Cook
  5. Worm by pfly
  6. Mouse by David Cappaert, USDA
  7. Snake by Julie Falk
  8. Heron by David Jenkins
  9. Mink by Peter Trimming
  10. Raccoon by DowianA
  11. Bullfrog by Lynn Ketchum, Oregon State University

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