What Do Frogs Eat?

Summary: Frogs eat ants, beetles, caterpillars, crickets, dragonflies, earthworms, flies, grasshoppers, insects, locusts, mealworms, mice, mosquitoes, moths, other smaller frogs, snails, snakes, spiders, termites, waxworms and worms. They don’t eat dead animals and they can’t produce Vitamin A. Frogs get it from their food. Frogs use their skin to adsorb or get water. If you have a pet frog, make sure to provide de-chlorinated water.

Category: Amphibians.

Frogs are amphibians and the different species eat different food depending on their habitat and size. Because there are so many different kinds of frogs, answers to the question will vary. In this informational article you will find answers to the question, What do frogs eat? according to whether or not the frog is a pet or wild frog, and the size of the frog. Whether you want to learn about what frogs eat because you want to get a frog for a pet, or if you want to know what wild frogs use for food, the facts here will hopefully satisfy your curiosity!

A frog eating a froglet. © Uspn.

Large pet frogs

So, you decide you want to purchase a large frog as a pet in your home. There are many considerations that must be taken, most importantly, the food that you will need to supply for your new pet frog. Luckily, frogs are not picky eaters! Some large frogs, such as the bullfrog, will eat just about anything you put in front of it. Typically, they prefer small to medium bugs, such as grasshoppers or flies, but they will eat animals as large as mice. Another fortunate thing for large pet frog owners, frogs only need to eat three to four times a week, which will make the pet owner’s life easier!

Small to medium-sized pet frogs

A frog eating another frog. © Mark Surman.

For small to medium sized pet frogs, heading to a local pet store or pet chain store will satisfy your pet frog’s needs. Stores, for the most part, will sell crickets that can be fed to your frog. If your supply is running low, small to medium pet frogs will eat any dead insects you find in your house.

Frogs in the wild

Frogs living in the wild have a diet similar to pet frogs. They like to eat any kind of insect that they can get their tongues on, and larger frogs will eat small animals if they have to.

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