What Do Diabetics Eat?

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Once after being diagnosed by diabetes, a person is left with nothing but a dilemma of choosing food that is not hazardous for his or her body. No doubt, the effect of diabetes is very dangerous but there are some simple steps that can help the patients to stay healthy.

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What exactly is diabetes?

Diabetes is a condition in which the human body has difficulty in regulating its blood-sugar level. Under such conditions, proper dieting and health plans are very important because showing negligence towards this issue can cause many troubles. Patients with diabetes experience recurrent urination, hunger and thirst. So, if you or any of your family members is facing such issues, it would be wise to see a doctor and find out of you are diabetic.

Things diabetics should eat

Fruits are the best and the most suitable edibles for diabetics because of their fresh vitamins and their nutrients. The vitamins and natural ingredients of fruits help the body to stay healthy. But, there is one thing that a diabetic has to follow very strictly. Do not; I repeat DO NOT consume food, drinks and products that have high levels of sugar. Consumption of such products and food items will increase the sugar level in your blood. So, try your level best to not consume such items with your meals so that the sugar levels remain constant.

Green and colorful vegetables

Richly colored vegetables are also very helpful for diabetics because they help to lower the sugar levels. Moreover, they enrich the body of diabetics with lots of fresh vitamins, fiber and minerals that are very good for the body’s metabolism.

Food items for diabetics

The following is a list of food you can eat if you are diabetic. It is sorted from the best (top) to less recommended (bottom). Foods that are not recommended but is on the list below means that you can eat them occasionally as a treat, rather than as a daily diet :

  1. Wholegrain flours and bread
  2. brown rice
  3. Cereals containing whole-grain ingredients
  4. Baked potato or baked steak fries
  5. corn tortillas
  6. Fresh vegetables, eaten raw or lightly steamed, roasted, or grilled
  7. Fresh cucumbers
  8. Fresh shredded cabbage or coleslaw
  9. Fresh fruit
  10. Sugar-free or low-sugar jam or preserves
  11. No-sugar-added applesauce
  12. Baked, broiled, grilled, or stewed meats
  13. Lower-fat cuts of meat, such as top sirloin
  14. Turkey bacon
  15. Low-fat cheeses
  16. Skinless breast of chicken or turkey
  17. Baked, broiled, steamed, or grilled fish
  18. Tofu lightly sauteed, steamed, or cooked in soup
  19. Baked or stewed beans
  20. 1% or skim milk
  21. Low-fat yogurt
  22. Low-fat cottage cheese
  23. Non-fat sour cream
  24. Frozen low-fat, low-carb yogurt
  25. Non-fat half and half
  26. Baked snacks, such as baked potato chips, baked corn chips, puffed rice, or corn snacks
  27. Vegetable oils, non-hydrogenated butter spreads, margarine
  28. Reduced-fat mayonnaise
  29. Light salad dressings
  30. Air-popped or calorie-controlled popcorn
  31. Water, unflavored or flavored sparkling water
  32. Light beer, small amounts of wine or non-fruity mixed drinks
  33. Unsweetened tea (add a slice of lemon)
  34. Coffee, black or with added low fat milk and sugar substitute
  35. Home-brewed coffee and hot chocolate

Keep yourself healthy by exercising

To avoid any health issues, all you need is to follow prevention is better than cure because this is the best way to stay healthy. Consuming fish, light meals and wheat cookies is also another best way to stay healthy and normal. These food items are good for diabetics because they keep the body’s metabolism going efficiently. Apples, mangoes, bananas and oranges are also favorable for diabetics because they have vitamins and nutrients that keep your body healthy. All you need is to involve yourself in physical activities such as walking or jogging because this helps the sugar levels to stay normal. Instead of restricting yourself to just fruits isn’t a good idea because this practice can make you weak. So, try green vegetables as much as you can along with small amount of meat. Always contact your doctor for more information and guidance.

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