What Do Crows Eat?

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Crows are actually highly adaptable birds that feed on a wide variety of food, both natural and man made. However, it’s a fact that some foods are more favored than others. It also depends individually, as individual crows have their own preferences compared to others. Here are some of the foods that crows tend to eat on a daily basis.

A jungle crow scavenging on a small, dead shark on the beach in Kumamoto, Japan. © Chris 73.

A crow’s diet

Crows usually eat insects and their larvae; these insects include locust, grasshoppers, beetles, locusts, spiders and crickets. They may also go after bigger preys such as amphibians, reptiles, carrion and small mammals. Their easy prey includes caterpillars, wireworms, grubs, earthworms, scallops, cutworms, mussels and clams. Dead or rotten foods are also on the menu for crows, including dead trout, dead marine invertebrates, dead seal and dead fish. Unusual but not uncommon foods for crows may include slaughterhouse waste, road kills and garbage. Road kills may include animals such as cats, opossums, dogs, skunks, chickens, snakes and pigs. Whenever possible, crows will eat plants and fruits such as sorghums, apples, beans, corn, cherries, peas, grapes, wheat, figs and almonds. Wild fruits are also on the diet list and these may include bayberry, sour gum, wild grapes, dogwood, pokeberry, cranberry, nightshade berries, squash seeds, wild cherries, juniper berries, barley, buckwheat and even plain old pumpkins.

Torresian crow eats a poisonous cane toad from the inside out. The skin of cane toad contents poison, which the crow doesn’t eat. © Ian Sutton.

Actually crows feel comfortable on the ground

The easiest way to attract the crow towards you is to scatter food on the ground. They also like to eat peanuts, you just need to scatter the peanuts around and after a while they’ll arrive to feed on them. Actually, the crows actively feed early in the morning and then in the afternoon. The other thing about the crows, that is much fascinating is that they love to drink water. They love to bathe and to play with water.

They eat a lot

Another noticeable thing that the crows will do as you start feeding them is that they eat a huge amount of food at a time. And if you set the timings to give the feed, you will soon notice that they can’t be able to stick with that as they eat a huge amount of food.

Alternative food

If you are looking at food for the omnivorous crows, kibbled cat or dog food, with the pea-sized chunks, is a cheap option to go for and it also provides complete nutrition. You can also go for meat scraps, cheese and egg yolk. Crows would love to eat sunflower seeds, peanuts, in or out of the shell, and just about anything that they can easily eat. Do remember that the crows respond well to the feeding signal and will come when they are called. The crows usually lay eggs in the spring season, however, it’s really important for you to properly feed the crow while they are laying their eggs and have young in the nest. In that period of time, crows need nutritious food, particularly cat or dog food and egg yolk, to help ensure healthy fledglings.

Crows are omnivores

So here you go with some of the interesting information regarding what crows usually eat and what are the foods that they would like to feed on them.

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