What Do The Chinese Eat?

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Chinese people actually believe in eating healthy and nutritious dishes. They just don’t enjoy food, but they think eating healthy and tasty food brings harmony to relationships. No doubt, Chinese dishes are extremely tasty and are widely liked all over the world as well.

General Tso’s Chicken is one of America’s most popular Chinese takeout dishes for decades. © Kimberly Killebrew (view recipe).

The philosophy

Chinese dishes are dominated by the Yin and Yang philosophy which means they keep a balance within the texture, color, and flavor as in the Yin and Huaiyang dishes. Chinese dishes may vary according to the region, but the fundamental mouthwatering Chinese dishes are divided into the following regional cuisines.

Easy Peking duck with homemade Mandarin pancakes. Photo, recipe by Bill (view recipe).

Shandong dishes

The most popular Chinese cuisine is the Shandong. The Shandong dishes include soups. Chinese people love to take soups in their daily diet. The main theme behind Shandong dishes is that they are extremely fresh and crispy and usually non-greasy, since the Chinese people avoid large quantity of oils in their dishes. The Chinese dishes that come in the category of Shandong dishes have a strong aroma. Soups, whether they have a thin or thick consistency, have strong flavors. Most of the Chinese dishes have a lighter taste than the Shandong dishes. The most famous Chinese soups that come in this category are Peking duck, Yellow River carp in sweet and sour sauce and bird’s nest soup.

Sichuan Dishes

Sichuan dishes are the most famous and widely liked dishes by not just Chinese people but people in every part of the world. The Sichuan dishes use hot and spicy flavors, and the use of chili powder is common. Sichuan dishes provide the traditional taste to the Chinese cuisine that’s why such dishes are widely appreciated in China and the rest of the world. The common cooking tactics that are used to cook the Sichuan dishes include pickling, braising, and deep frying. Some of the well-known Chinese dishes that come in this category are twice cooked pork, kung pao chicken, water-boiled fish and also tasty and spicy crab.

Lion’s head meatball. Photo, recipe by The Hong Kong Cookery (view the recipe).

Huaiyang Dishes

Huaiyang dishes are other popular Chinese dishes that are popular in the lower regions of the Yangtze River. The actual methods of cooking that are used in these regions are braising, roasting, stewing, and simmering. Huaiyang dishes mostly include crustaceans and fish as the main ingredients. Here are some of the popular dishes of this category that the Chinese people would love to eat: lion’s head meatball, duck triplet, stewed crab soup, crystal meat, long-boiled, dry-shredded meat and Liangxi crisp eel.

Hotpot: Buddha jumps over the wall. Photo, recipe by Wendy Quisimbing (view the recipe).

Fujian Dishes

Fujian dishes are known to be another favorite Chinese sea cuisine. The Fujian dishes are well-liked because of the vibrant colors and the sweet, sour-n-salty taste. Here are some of the popular Fujian dishes’ components that are used in the Chinese dishes are snow poultry, prawn with dragon’s entire body and phoenix’s tail and also the Buddha jumping over the wall.

Hunan Dishes

Hunan dishes are some other popular Chinese dishes that have a very sharp flavor because of the use of chilies, pepper, and shallot. Here are some of the well-known dishes that come in this category are lotus seeds in rock sugar syrup, Dong’an chicken and also the sizzling rice soup.

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